Most federal, state and local governments - as well as other political subdivisions and education institutions - are eligible for cost recovery services.

Many states and localities offer incentives to manufacturing facilities which provide cost recovery opportunities.

Many jurisdictions provide cost recovery opportunities for hospitals, long term care facilities and assisted living facilities.

Charitable institutions are often eligible for cost recovery services for utilities and telecommunications services.

Many other entities and industries enjoy total or partial cost recovery eligibility.

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Recovery Solutions Group, LLC was established for the purpose of providing clients cost recovery services based upon an in-depth review of their utility billing statements. The services offered by RSG arises out of federal, state and local laws, regulations and interpretations limiting taxing authorities from imposing certain surcharges, taxes and fees on utilities providing services to a variety of governments, industries and businesses.

RSG has assembled the expertise necessary to provide an comprehensive assessment of your utility and related charges. Over 30 states present opportunities for government and business to receive a refund for previously paid amounts and on-going savings. RSG and its partners can provide you comprehensive utility cost recovery and cost management services.

Programs vary from state to state and from
jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Please feel free to contact us to learn if your
operations qualify .

How RSG is paid:

Once the refund is received by the
client - either as a check or credit to
a utility bill - RSG will receive 50%
of the refunded amount.
You will receive 50% of the refund
for past overpayments.

How to get started:

To start the process, RSG
will need a copy of a recent
(it does not need to be the most
recent, just one from the last
quarter) billing statement for
each electricity, natural gas,
water and sewer utility
provider for each account.
RSG will conduct an initial
review and advise you of
any cost recovery
opportunities - typically in
less than a week.
There is no obligation on
your part to receive this free


Following the initial review of the utility bills presented, RSG
will provide the client an estimated amount of cost recovery.

Upon approval by the client to move forward, RSG will require
two documents to be executed:

A Client Authorization to work with each utility provider and an
Agreement between RSG and the client to pay RSG 50% of the refund that it actually receives for past overpayments.

RSG only submits an invoice to you upon receipt of a credit or
refund check to you.

Your refund is typically in the form of a check or a credit to the
utility account for which the refund is owed.

RSG shall be paid only in the event that cost recovery is

RSG does not alter the relationship with your utility providers.
The process is designed to minimize the time commitment on
the part of the client.

Expanded Services Through Our Partner-Cost Control Associates, Inc.

In order to meet the request of a number of clients, RSG has recently entered into partnership with Cost Control Associates, Inc.
Some of the additional services now offered include:

Cost Recovery and Reduction Program: Each year, CCA’s Cost Recovery and Reduction Program recovers and saves millions of dollars for clients. This program includes comprehensive rate analysis, optimization services, and a thorough review of bills for errors. Most clients choose to have these services provided on a pay-for-performance basis in which they pay a percentage of refunds recovered and cost savings. From experience, this unique approach to rate analysis and bill error discovery produces higher returns than that of most other firms.
Source Analysis Program: Utilizing the Source Analysis program, clients benefit from a vast up to date knowledge of the market which assists in purchasing supplies of electricity, natural gas, and other fuels as well as telecom and cellular phone services. Whether a client would like help with a specific procurement activity or would like a firm to completely manage procurement, CCA can help. CCA has been helping clients purchase energy supplies, telecom and cellular services for many years, but is not a supplier or marketer. This independence means that you will be receiving the best advice for you.
Utility Bill Payment and Information Services: These services are provided to help multi-site organizations secure the data needed to properly manage energy costs. Such services include creating a database of building location and utility account data, and data entry of utility bills as received each month to produce a comprehensive database of energy usage and cost data. While standard reports are produced, web access to the database is also provided. In addition, payments to utility vendors can be made on your behalf.